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What is Brots?

BROTS is an association, created in the Alt Empordà region and located in Camallera, which has been created by a group of professionals from the creative sector, from the worlds of product design, interior design and graphic design with an interest and passion in being able to combine our efforts, knowledge, experience and, above all, excitement to give life to our creations, as well as those of other design partners. We hope to create a vital, active dynamic space in which to favour the interaction between designers, value the design process and series of sales, while at the same time, keep everything made to measure.



    icone llibertat de creació

    . The excuse is to design for oneself as a self commission, without previous premises or filters, to be able to come up with a highly personal, original, consistent product. This is part of the philosophy that we hope to transmit at Brots.

    . To bring design close to people, to dialogue and think about their real needs with them, without the limitations imposed by the demands of mass commercialisation.

    . This new "company" concept hopes to make Brots a different space, one in which the value is authenticity, local production, fleeing from industrialisation and mass production. The idea is to create products as they are sold, which offers us the possibility to research and create more daring, different products which do not have to comply or compete with the stereotypes on the market.


    icone proximitat

    . Proximity is the key to understanding our design, with customers and users as well as with artisans and manufacturers of articles. This means we can set up bonds with all of them to manage to produce a better product.

    . To design while respecting local knowledge and the regional techniques of manufacturers, at the same time as bringing design into the rural world we are in, and of bringing the rural world closer to design to get feedback from it.

    . Our design intends to boost the local fabric of the village and its surrounding areas. To be able to have an ongoing relationship that will, to some degree, enable the permanence of these trades.

    . To be close to the external designers who collaborate with Brots as we can speak the same language, to be able to have constancy in the product and the people at whom it is aimed, to do things better.

    . When a product is created, we want to explain it. Its story, its references, the why and the wherefore of the creation, who made it and tell you about who that person is so that the end user has the best information possible to be able to give value to the item with greater knowledge about it.


    icone plataforma de col·laboració

    . Brots was created to bring together talents from various fields of design and to set up a collective creative, multidisciplinary adventure.

    . We aim to provide a space for collaboration and interaction with other designers and creators, based on a shared motivation, to guarantee an open exchange of knowledge to lead to new ideas, products and objectives.

    . We therefore aim to prioritise and encourage everyone who is creative in their field, within the professional area, in design as well as in other fields and in people's everyday lives.


    icone personalitzat i sostenible

    . Our knowledge of the creative and the productive world gives us some degree of autonomy, as we are responsible for the entire process, from the first scribbled idea to the finished piece.

    . This process allows us to design rationally, not to have too much stock, and to work exclusively on the commission of our users to be able to individualise products and be more flexible.

    . Direct work with artisans and manufacturers enables us to design longer lasting objects, at the same time as respecting nature and people.


    icone cercle productiu

    . The way in which we work at Brots is like a circle. We want the designer, the manufacturer and the supplier, as well as the client and the end-user to be involved.

    . This means we are free to change the order when we are creating. Through dialogue with the manufacturer about their productive techniques or materials, initial ideas can appear, or even with the user himself when customising the product to suit his needs and from there on starting to create to their specifications.

    . We manage to ensure that in all products there is a small contribution from every person involved in the process. We adapt to the way of producing, to the needs, and the other way round.

    . Our knowledge allows us to offer technical and conceptual assessment, to advise about production methods and diverse materials and to have a selection of manufacturers on hand, for the products that external creators can contribute.


    icone Avtivitats

    . At Brots, we intend to make several presentations of our own products and those of our habitual collaborators, as well as presentations of company products and of people, with the common thread of creativity. We are open to organising cultural events in various areas, workshops open to everyone and to look for new formulas for bringing design and creation closer to the general public.

    . We would like to inform people about the power of creativity in the world, about professionals in design and other areas, and also, simply, about people who are interested in becoming more creative.