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We would like to thank all these people for their help with creating Brots:

⟩ Michelle Trog, for making things easier.

⟩ José Luis Pascual, for giving us the showcases to be able to display our items.

⟩ Maria Alzamora, for the photographs she took of us and our space.

⟩ Maria Llopis, for translating and correcting the texts.

⟩ Xavier Krauel, for offering us part of the material for our space.

⟩ La Huella by Teresa Casanovas and Linda Malisani, for giving us packaging for our products.

⟩ Bar Lluis, for being so close.

⟩ Comercial Sanco, for the polyethylene sheets.

⟩ Saus, Camallera and Llampaies Town Council, for lending us the chairs for the opening of the premises.

⟩ Narcís of Metalúrgica de Camallera, for helping us transport all the material.